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Swing Screen

Applicable materials: various dust, screening and grading of granular materials, impurity removal

Number of layers:1-5 (s)

Screen angle:0-10 (°)

Power: 0.75-11 (kw)

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Swing Screen
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Swing screen is a kind of multi-purpose new screening equipment. It is a high-efficiency screening machine specially designed to meet the needs of large-volume, high-density screening. YBS swing screen is the most effective simulation of artificial screening operation. Mine screening equipment, its screening accuracy, screening efficiency, screen life is 5-10 times that of conventional round screen, especially suitable for difficult materials, widely used in chemical, metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, food, abrasives, etc. industry. In addition, Xinxiang Dahan series swing screens are available in two types: circular swing screen and square swing screen.


Application scope of swing screen

The swing screen is especially suitable for materials that difficult to handle, and is widely used in chemical, metallurgical, non-ferrous metals, food, abrasive and other industries.

Outstanding advantages of swing screen

1. Effectively imitate the artificial screening action and process, the screening accuracy is as high as 90-95%.

2. Low frequency and small load work, the screen has a long service life, reducing operating and maintenance costs.

3. A variety of cleaning devices can be added (such as: bouncing ball cleaning device, ultrasonic technology cleaning device, etc.), which can effectively solve the problem of screen surface blockage, ensure the continuity of screening, fully enclosed structure, and reduce the environment pollution.

4. The discharge port can be rotated 360 degrees, and it is convenient to disassemble.

5. Low noise, noise can be as low as 75dBa.

6. The processing capacity per unit area can be up to 5 times, especially suitable for the materials that difficult to handle.

Working principle of swing screen

The basic rotary motion of the swing screen is similar to the manual screening. After the swing screen is started, and the screen box is driven by the vibration device to make a circular motion. At this time, the screen box drives the entire screen surface to perform periodic motion. The material on the surface is oriented and jumped along the screen box. In this process, the material smaller than the mesh aperture falls to the lower layer of the screen, and is discharged from the lower discharge port. The material larger than the sieve aperture is discharged from the upper discharge port, and the intermediate layer is discharged from the middle discharge port.

Technical Parameters

Model Diameter
Screen area
Feeding granularity
Screening granularity
Handling capacity
Motor power
YBS800 800 0.29 ≤25 0.073-3 6-10 5-8 0.75
YBS1000 1000 0.71 8-15 1.5
YBS1200 1200 1.11 15-30 2.2
YBS1600 1600 1.83 25-40 3
YBS2000 2000 2.62 30-50 4
YBS2500 2500 4.61 40-60 5.5

Technical Parameters

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