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What kinds of linear vibrating screen?

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Because of the different screening materials and application occasions, the types of linear vibrating screen are also different, so what kinds of linear vibrating screen are there? The following will introduce you.

Summary of linear vibrating screen types

1.Material - ordinary linear vibrating screen / stainless steel linear vibrating screen

The material of the linear vibrating screen used for different screening materials is also different. Take Xinxiang Dahan Machinery as an example.

Ordinary linear vibrating screen: mainly consists of screen box, screen frame, screen mesh, vibration motor, motor pedestal, vibration-damping spring, bracket, etc. The contact part with material is 304 stainless steel material, and the base part is made of ordinary carbon steel. Widely used in coal preparation, mineral processing, electric power, sugar production, salt production, chemical industry, abrasives, refractory materials, food and other industries,

Stainless steel linear vibrating screen: stainless steel linear vibrating screen is based on ordinary linear vibrating screen. The screen machine material is changed to 304 stainless steel material, and the working principle is the same as that of linear vibrating screen. It is widely used in dry grading of various granular and small bulk solid materials in coal, metallurgy, mining, electric power, building materials, light industry and chemical industries.

2.High temperature material - air cooled linear vibrating screen

Air-cooled linear vibrating screen (cooling linear vibrating screen): This kind of linear vibrating screen is a new type of linear vibrating screen equipment specially developed for high temperature materials. It is based on the “Dahan Brand” DZSF series linear vibrating screen. It adds a fan cooling and cooling system, which can screen the high temperature material after cooling, effectively reducing the screening difficulty of high temperature materials, and screening efficiency and treatment. The quantity has also been greatly improved, saving production costs. Applicable to various dry powdery or granular materials with material particle size of 0.074-5mm, water content less than 70% and no viscosity, widely used in chemical, food, plastic, medicine, metallurgy, glass, building materials, grain, fertilizer , abrasives, ceramics and other industries.

Therefore, when purchasing a linear vibrating screen, the user must know the screening material before purchasing. In addition, the output of the above three kinds of linear vibrating screens is generally between 0.12-20t/h, and the output and price of different types of linear vibrating screens are different.

3.Number of sieve layers - single layer linear vibration screen / double linear vibration screen

Single-layer linear vibration screen: It adopts a layer of fully enclosed structure design, has a feeding port and two discharge ports, and is a linear vibrating screen which is simplified on the basis of multi-layer linear vibrating screen. Since the single-layer linear sieve has only one layer of sieve mesh, only two sizes of materials can be sieved, and the material can be quickly sieved.

Multi-layer linear vibration screen: It adopts multi-layer fully enclosed structure design, and multiple discharge ports can divide the screening materials into multiple grades according to size and size. It is an upgraded product of single-layer linear vibrating screen. It has greater processing capacity and higher screening efficiency. Users with large screen components can choose multi-layer linear vibration screen.

The above are several common linear vibrating screens. Xinxiang Dahan linear vibration screen can be customized for the actual production needs of users, and the price is favorable. Welcome to consult.

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