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Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

Applicable materials: silicon carbide, alloy powder, molybdenum powder, stainless steel powder, tungsten powder, nickel powder, cobalt powder, powder coating, quartz powder, butyl ketone powder, etc.

Screen size: 80-600 mesh

Number of layers:1-3 (mm)

Ultrasonic vibrating screen: 100-500 (mm)

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Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen
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Ultrasonic vibrating screen is an improved equipment of spin vibrating sieve, which is designed to solve the blocking problem of high-precision powder.The principle is to combine the ultrasonic generator with the spin vibrating screen and convert various low frequency electrical energy that commonly used into high frequency electrical energy up to 38KHz,then a 38KHz mechanical vibration is finally obtained through the ultrasonic transducer.Ultra-fine powder accepts the huge ultrasonic acceleration, which keeps the material on the screen in suspension.Thereby restraining the blocking factors such as adhesion, friction,pancake,wedge,etc.Thus, the problems of screening such as strong adsorption, easy to reunion, high static electricity, high precision, high density and light specific gravity are solved.Ultrasonic vibrating screens have been widely used in ultra-fine powder screening.

Application scope of ultrasonic vibrating screen

Ultrasonic vibrating screen is used for the screening of dry powder or granular materials in various industries such as food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, mining industry and metallurgy industry.

Outstanding advantages of ultrasonic vibrating screen

1.It has wide screening fineness and is suitable for separating powders from 50~625 mesh;

2.It can accelerate the separation of materials that are easy to reunion, high static electricity, high precision, high density, light specific gravity and adsorption, thereby increasing the processing capacity;

3.It can be used in single or multi-layer, one set intelligent ultrasonic generator can use three transducers at the same time;

4.It can clearly separate fine particles adjacent in the diameter;

5.Without changing the characteristics of the material, the screening accuracy can be increased by 1-70 %, and the output can be increased by 0.5-10 times;

6.It can work uninterrupted or intermittently, and has high screening output;

7.It has self-cleaning function and does not need to add any other screen cleaning device, the mesh is not blocked, and the service life is improved.

Working principle of ultrasonic vibrating screen

The high frequency electricity generated by the power source of the ultrasonic vibrating screen is converted into vertical oscillating wave of a high frequency sinusoidal form by the energy converter. These oscillating waves are transmitted to the resonator to resonate the resonator, and then the vibration is evenly transmitted to the screen surface by the resonator. The material on the screen is superimposed with ultrasonic vibration while doing low-frequency three-dimensional vibration, which can prevent the mesh from being blocked and improve the screening productivity and precision.

Technical Parameters

Model (mm) Ordinary screening machine Ultrasonic vibrating screen Mesh
Testing materials Screen mesh Test results
Φ1000 Silicon carbide 500 Unable to screening 500 1500KG/H
Φ1000 Tungsten powder of cemented carbide 600 No fine powder was sifted out for 15 minutes 600 30KG/H
Φ1000 Vitamin C powder 400 1KG/H 100 120-150KG/H
Φ500 Pollen 400 No fine powder was sifted out for 15 minutes 400 Screen out 20% in 15 minutes.Fine and effective classification can be carried out in fine workmanship.
Nickel powder,Cobalt powder 325 Screen three times to meet the requirements 400 Screen once to meet the requirements
Φ450 Ndfeb powder 300 32.2% residual sieve in 30 minutes 300 6.9% residual sieve in 30 minutes
Model Screen diameter Screen area Screen specification Voltage(v) Layer Power (kw)
DHC-400 Φ350 0.0907 80-600 meshes 380 1-3 0.18
DHC-600 Φ550 0.2289 0.25
DHC-800 Φ750 0.4183 0.55
DHC-1000 Φ920 0.6359 0.75
DHC-1200 Φ1120 0.9499 1.1
DHC-1500 Φ1420 1.5386 1.5
DHC-1800 Φ1720 2.2687 2.2

Technical Parameters

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