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U Type Screw Conveyor

Applicable materials: powder, granular, small pieces of materials, such as cement, fly ash, grain, fertilizer, mineral powder, sand, soda ash, etc.

Processing power: 9-134T/h

Max Feeding Size : 125-1500mm

Speed ratio: /strong>23.34

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U Type Screw Conveyor
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The U type screw conveyor is a kind of screw conveyor. Its production is made according to DIN15261-1986 standard. It is designed to meet the professional standard of JB/T7679-2008 "screw conveyor". It is extremely suitable for occasions with more dust and environmental requirements. It has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, stable transportation, uniform transportation and good sealing performance.

Application scope of U type screw conveyor 

The U type screw conveyor is suitable for powder, granules, or particles with 30% water content, small block materials, etc. It is not suitable for conveying materials that are easy to deteriorate, easy to agglomerate and have a large water content. In many areas of the national economy such as building materials, metallurgy, chemicals, machinery, light industry, food.

Outstanding advantages of U type screw conveyor 

1. Strong conveying capacity, stable transportation, uniform feeding, and difficult to jam.

2. Good sealing performance to ensure that there will be no dust phenomenon during the material conveying process, low noise, improve the working environment.

3. Large bearing capacity, safe and reliable.

4. The inlet and outlet ports can be connected by universal ball, cloth bag and flange.

5. It has strong adaptability and can transport materials horizontally or inclined. It can also be directly connected with its supporting equipment.

6.It can be customized according to user requirements.

Working principle of U type screw conveyor 

When the U type screw conveyor is working, the motor drives the rotating spiral blade to transport the material, so that the force of the material not rotating together with the screw conveyor blade is the weight of the material itself and the friction resistance of the screw conveyor cabinet to the material. Under the drag of the screw shaft, the material moves in the direction of the discharge port, and then transported to the bunker.

Technical Parameters

Specification Main technical performance Driving device Driving device Weight(kg)
Diameter Length(m) Output(cement) t/h Rotation speed(min) Reducer Motor
Model Speed ratio Power(kw)
U 200 -10 9 60 ZQ250 23.34 1.1 726
U 200 -20 9 60 ZQ250 23.34 1.5 1258
U 250 -10 15.6 60 ZQ250 23.34 2.2 960
U 250 -20 15.6 60 ZQ250 23.34 3 1750
U 300 -10 21.2 60 ZQ350 23.34 3 1373
U 300 -20 21.2 60 ZQ350 23.34 4 2346
U 400 -10 51 60 ZQ400 23.34 5.5 1911
U 400 -20 51 60 ZQ500 23.34 11 2049
U 500 -10 87.5 60 ZQ400 23.34 7.5 2381
U 500 -20 87.5 60 ZQ650 23.34 18.5 5389
U 600 -10 134.2 45 ZQ750 23.34 22 3880
U 600 -10 134.2 45 ZQ850 23.34 55 7090

Technical Parameters

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